CopperBleuDesigns is a jewelry design studio located in the heart of Utah. We are two individuals with a passion for creativity…because creativity makes us HAPPY! We dream it and then create it together.

We are inspired by nature, mountains, flowers, sunsets, vintage treasures and music. The creation of CopperBleuDesigns studio brings many of our “loves” together as we design and create unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Our CopperBleuDesigns creations are all made by hand using simple tools and pure source materials. All copper pieces are cold forged “hammered” using 100% pure copper. Patina is created using an all-natural method exposing raw copper to fumes of ammonia and salt, or salt and vinegar. Enameled copper is created with the torch firing method, individually, one piece at a time.

Our vintage silverware jewelry is designed using recycled vintage silverware, coins, and other materials that we have found and upcycled into unique pieces of jewelry. We celebrate imperfections and embrace the beautiful pieces of art that evolve from these unique characteristics.